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Start casting your Photos & Videos on your Android Phone to connected Android Phone or Tablet! It’s like a Remote control for your Photos and Videos! Relax and Enjoy watching your favourite Pics & Videos on a Larger screen. Make your Tablet or Phone a Smart TV. Start Streaming your media to the connected Android device!>>>> Features <<<<+ Easily cast your Pics and Videos from one Android device to another connected Android device. + Supports Remote and Device modes. Any android device can become a Remote – it can be a phone or a tablet. Supports all combinations – Phone – Tablet, Tablet – Phone, Phone – Phone, Tablet – Tablet.+ Supports casting of both local and remote media i.e. Remote can control the Photos and Videos media of both - it’s own media and also of the connected device. Fast & smooth rendering of Images and Videos media on the connected device.+ Easy selection of your media – Photos & Videos, with fast scrolling on both devices. As you scroll your pictures or videos list on the remote side, the list is immediately streamed on the connected device.+ View complete images on the Device side. You can also pinch/zoom the photos on the Remote. Pinch/zoom effect is immediately casted on photos on the other device.+ Supports Landscape and Portrait modes on both Remote and Device.+ While viewing a full image, you can easily select other images of the same folder. An easy to use, horizontal list of folder pics is available for selecting & streaming images.+ Slideshow streaming support – You can select multiple pictures and cast them in a slideshow. Slideshow is rendered both on the Remote control and the connected Device. You can change the Transition style during the slideshow – transition style of slideshow gets dynamically reflected and rendered. Play, Pause, Mute/Unmute are supported in the slideshows.+ You can use Slideshows for your presentation in your meetings. You can control the slideshow through a remote. Also you can use the images view with pinch/zoom etc.+ Images download support - you can select one or multiple images for download. Also supports auto-downloading of photos. This is helpful if the user wants to keep downloading photos, as and when they view an image.+ Video Support – select any video you want to watch, view on the connected device. You can easily select & cast other videos media of the same folder from the horizontal list.+ Play, Pause, Volume Control, Seek, Brightness Control, Mute/UnMute support in the Video Player from the Remote.+ Support casting of Videos media of both the remote control and the connected Devices. + Highly responsive interface on both ends – Remote control and Device. It is as if screen is getting casted.+ Best in class Discovery and Connectivity of the devices. Supports both Wifi and HotSpot modes. Auto discovery and Auto Connect support. If same wifi is not available app automatically switches to HotSpot mode.
Start enjoying streaming of your media - Images and Videos even more! Make your Tablet a Smart Tablet like a Smart TV. Get the app today and start casting with your friends devices! Share on your social network – Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more! You’ll definitely fall in love with the app!
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